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A Story Born via Text Messages

Spanglish phrase "te textié" which translates to English as "I texted you" defines very much the origins of this duo. Formed by Gilberto Gabriel & Diana Pou, who used their respective names as the duo name from 2018 to 2020, TeTxtié marks a new beginning for this couple that now are not only the Artists but also the Music Producers of their upcoming music.

Their sound is defined by a mix of different genres such as: Hip-Hop/Rap, RnB, Jazz and Latin Pop.

[Amr:Pscdlc]  is the first single of the duo as TeTxtié and it is available in all digital music platforms.

TeTxtié Clásico (En VIVO) [Desde la República Dominicana] is a mini-album for the Eternal Perpetuity of the Duo's first 3 songs and also available in all digital music platforms.

Me Voa Pegá is a jam intended to Hype You Up about the future ahead of you. While, their new single #FollowU4Life is the song to dedicate to that unforgettable person that for obvious reasons keeps you coming back to them. OUT EVERYWHERE!!!



New York, N.Y.