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A Story Born via Text Messages

Spanglish phrase "te textié" which translates to English as "I texted you" defines very much the origins of this duo. Formed by Gilberto Gabriel & Diana Pou, who used their respective names as the duo name from 2018 to 2020, TeTxtié marks a new beginning for this couple that now are not only the Artists but also the Music Producers of their upcoming music.

Their sound is defined by a mix of different genres such as: Hip-Hop/Rap, RnB, Jazz and Latin Pop.

[Amr:Pscdlc]  is the first single of the duo as TeTxtié and it is available in all digital music platforms.

TeTxtié Clásico (En VIVO) [Desde la República Dominicana] is a mini-album for the Eternal Perpetuity of the Duo's first 3 songs and also available in all digital music platforms.

Me Voa Pegá is their new jam intended to Hype You Up about the future ahead of you. OUT EVERYWHERE September 24th!!!



New York, N.Y.